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Pure Stock " - a company specializing in the production , design, installation , commissioning , maintenance, sewage treatment plants and sewage pumping stations. Performs water treatment and water supply to objects. The main criterion is the scientific work of specialists , a comprehensive approach to difficult problems that confront us by our customers , from project design to installation and post -sales service of delivered equipment . All this allows us to not only reduce the time of implementation of technically complex projects, but also to reduce the financial costs of our customers. In the nomenclature of manufactured products includes:

• Pumping Station ( SPS ) totally pre- equipped with pumping equipment and automation system for automatic operation ,
capacity from 1 to 20 000m3/chas ;
• System of Biological Wastewater Treatment ( for private homes from 1 m3/day . , Human settlements and industrial enterprises from 50 m3/day ).
• cleaning system for cleaning stormwater and industrial effluents ( Trash boxes , petrocatchers , sorption filters ) with a capacity of 1-500 l / s ,
• grease ( cafes, restaurants ) of 1-100 l / s.
• Zhirorasschepiteli (based solutions bacteria ) • wastewater treatment facilities complex industrial production;
• Septic tank, tank storage , wells, lattice.
• Implementation of innovations for cleaning any drinking water and wastewater , including industrial effluents .
bacteria for treatment plants CBS , etc.

Products are manufactured on modern equipment of leading world producers of raw materials , thus ensuring high quality and reliability. The materials used in the manufacture of equipment - reinforced fiberglass, plastic, metal ( with a multilayered internal and external anticorrosion coating. Any type of our equipment is a system of full factory readiness , does not require large installation costs . The equipment can be both underground and above-ground placement. All equipment is certified and meets all the standards and requirements of the environmental legislation of the Russian Federation

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